Architecture / Planning / Design

Center for Holistic Wellness

Location: Kula, Turkey
Date: May, 2010
Size: 500,000 SF / 5 Buildings

The current economic, social, and cultural issues in Kula, Turkey demanded a spa and health center that could not only promote tourism within the region but that could also create new jobs, increase education and training for residents, expand water and agricultural resources, and improve the existing city's infrastructure. The Center For Holistic Advancement expands the traditional limits of the conventional spa by providing and promoting not only an emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being but also by promoting a healthy economy, community, and environment that is beneficial for both residents of Kula and visitors to the area.

In order to achieve the goals set forth in the conceptual exploration, the project was divided between two sites: The first, a community corridor, is situated on the edge of the town. The second site, a geothermal spa and health center, is located 5km to the North, situated at the base of an extinct volcano.

This project received first place in the 2010 Global Spa Summit Design Competition.