Architecture / Planning / Design

Performing Arts Center

Location: Los Angeles, California
Date: January, 2011
Size: 350,000 SF
Stories: 10 Stories

Contained within an externalized structure, the Performing Arts Center derives its form through a specific programmatic response. A performance hall, library, restaurant, exhibition hall, and museum make up the majority of the building's components. The goal of the project was to redefine the way in which a community comes together to enjoy art and culture by defining a single, centralized location within the city.

The main performance hall hangs suspended above the site maximizing the amount of usable outdoor space below. Both ends of the hall cantilever out above the site and create elevated outdoor spaces for public gatherings. The library is organized vertically and has reading rooms and book stacks that alternate floors. A museum on the top floor houses art galleries and offers uninterrupted views out toward the city.

The transparent nature of the project stimulates interest from the outside viewer while reconnecting inhabitants of the project with the surrounding context of the city.