Architecture / Planning / Design

Mixed-Use Development

Location: Los Angeles, California
Date: May, 2009
Size: 120,000 SF
Stories: 6 Stories

Envisioned for a site located east of Downtown Los Angeles, the intent of this project was to incorporate commonly available, yet overlooked materials abundant throughout the city, into the design of a mixed-use housing project. The two 'vernacular' materials (elements) which exhibited the greatest potential for repurposing were billboards and wooden pallets.

The design of the project was driven by the ulterior functions that these materials could provide as architectural components. Billboards, elevated above the street and ground floor commercial spaces, extend through the length of the building serving as partitions for interior spaces and as advertisements at the exterior of the building. The upper floors of the building, which contain the residential units, are privatized by a grid of wooden pallets that make up the operable south-facing facade and provide the tenants with a system of controlled privacy.